Drol Kar Buddhist Centre is a picturesque meditation and retreat centre approximately one and a half hours south-west of Melbourne, and only minutes away from the seaside towns of Anglesea and Torquay, the world renowned Bells Beach and the Great Ocean Road. Set in seven and a half acres of charming gardens and bushland, the Centre offers a variety of programs in the Tibetan Mahayana Buddhist tradition including philosophy and meditation classes and retreats.


Heart Sutra and Eight Verses of Mind Training Teaching DVD
We are delighted to announce the long awaited arrival of a 2 DVD set of the Heart Sutra Teachings in Melbourne. We have limited supplies available, so please order soon if you would like a copy.
Please note, the DVD recording is primarily spoken in Tibetan by His Holiness with translation into English only.
Purchase price:
$25.00 anywhere in Australia (includes postage and handling)
$30.00 international purchases (includes postage and handling)
Purchase the Heart Sutra 2013 teaching DVD

On June 19, 2013, on a crisp, sunny winter’s morning, His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet visited Braybrook in the inner west of Melbourne to teach at Chua Quang Minh Temple, a Vietnamese Temple that His Holiness visited in 2011.
His Holiness accepted the invitation of Venerable Geshe Sonam Thargye, spiritual director of Drol Kar Buddhist Centre, to teach on the Heart Sutra and Eight Verses of Mind Training in Melbourne, and in doing so, also honoured a commitment made to the abbot of Chua Quang Minh, Venerable Phuoc Tan, and the Vietnamese community, to return to the Temple and teach. This acceptance set in motion an extraordinary collaboration between two great Buddhist traditions, Tibetan and Vietnamese, to bring these wonderful teachings to the people of Melbourne.
During the small, intimate gathering, His Holiness delivered a message of love and compassion, of harmony and understanding between religious faiths, and some of the most simple, yet profound, tenets of Buddhist philosophy.

A Word from the Associate Director of Drol Kar

Dear Members and Friends
I would like to take this opportunity to invite you all to our end of year break up to celebrate, reflect and enjoy a meal together as we wind up for 2013. Our Monday and Tuesday regulars are nervously preparing to summarize the Dharma teachings they have studied under the guidance of Venerable Jampa and it is an opportunity for both listener and presenters to enhance their skills and knowledge by offering the Dharma.
As people become more confident in expanding their knowledge and practice it presents an opportunity for the centre to flourish by being able to benefit newcomers who attend, provide outreach services and support our resident teacher the Venerable Jampa and repay her kindness and patience to us.
Our regular meditation classes held by Valerie and Darren during the week and Michael throughout the year are positive examples of benefitting others, equipping people with skills and offering support in their meditation practice. The committee would like to offer our sincere thanks for their ongoing commitment and effort.
A big thank you also goes to Wendy Walker who is resigning from the Geelong Interfaith network after serving two years on the committee. The interfaith led by Monsignor Murray aims to increase religious tolerance within the Geelong community and advocate for social justice. If anyone is interested in representing Drol Kar on this committee please speak to myself or Wendy about what this would entail, it is worthwhile work and would require attendance at monthly evening meetings in Geelong.
So as I reflect on 2013, a heartfelt thank you goes to our spiritual director Geshe Sonam, who once again brought us the opportunity to be close and in the radiance of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. This is the third time Geshe-la has invited his Holiness and given the Drol Kar community access to not only the teachings, but an opportunity to serve and be of benefit to thousands of sentient beings.
This rare opportunity for a tiny centre is indeed like the analogy of the blind turtle out in the middle of a vast ocean managing to put his head through a small golden yolk floating out at sea, very rare and difficult to find again. We are very fortunate to have this opportunity and for those wishing to practice the teachings of generosity and bodhicitta most of Geshe-la’s projects enable us to do this on a large scale.
All going well in 2014 Geshe Sonam has plans to expand the buildings at Drol Kar to provide more retreat accommodation and a multi-purpose dining and community hall. Enthusiasm and assistance from members and friends would be greatly appreciated when things get under way.
Next year also sees His Holiness teaching in Ladakh in July and the centre will be closed during this period, if anyone would like to join David and I on a tour to Ladakh for this special event, please check the website for details, Geshe Sonam and Venerable Jampa will also be in attendance.
Last, but by no means least, to the Drol Kar Committee, David Mayer, Linda Diggins, Carol Amos, Helen McKenzie and Venerable Jampa, who tirelessly and quietly keep the centre ticking over year after year, I wish to say that you are the backbone of the organisation and we would not be open without your efforts. Thank you team – may all your ultimate and temporary wishes be realized.
May you all have an enjoyable and safe holiday break with family and friends and we look forward to seeing you all in the New Year.
Karen Mayer