Drol Kar Buddhist Centre is a picturesque meditation and retreat centre approximately one and a half hours south-west of Melbourne, and only minutes away from the seaside towns of Anglesea and Torquay, the world renowned Bells Beach and the Great Ocean Road. Set in seven and a half acres of charming gardens and bushland, the Centre offers a variety of programs in the Tibetan Mahayana Buddhist tradition including philosophy and meditation classes and retreats.

Drol Kar Buddhist Centre welcomes visitors for participation in the Centre’s programs, individual meditation, walks in the garden, and private consultations (by appointment only). The Centre is open to visitors between 10.00am and 4.00pm on weekdays and weekends. At other times visitors are requested to phone ahead on 52661788 to arrange a visit.
All visitors are requested to make their presence known to the residents before going to the gompa or the garden.


Drol Kar Buddhist Centre is situated on the edge of a fire prone area. The Centre operates during the summer months when there is a risk of fire activity in the locality. It is fortunate that so far this summer the weather has been relatively mild. However, there is February to get through. Should the hot weather hit in February, patrons need to be aware of the …
Drol Kar Buddhist Centre will be CLOSED to all visitors on days when a TOTAL FIRE BAN has been declared in the Central District, AND/OR on days when the temperature is forecast to reach 40 DEGREES or higher in the Geelong and Surf Coast region.
On such days, Drol Kar programs will not run and the Centre will be closed to all visitors. Notices will be placed on the website and on the gates to confirm the closure.


Heart Sutra and Eight Verses of Mind Training Teaching DVD

The 2 DVD set of the Heart Sutra Teachings in Melbourne 2013 offers a simple but poignant teaching by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet, along with some beautiful images of a wonderful event for the Drol Kar and Quang Minh communities.
A few copies are still available from the Drol Kar shop.
Please note, the DVD recording is primarily spoken in Tibetan by His Holiness with translation into English only.
Purchase price:
$20.00 in store
$25.00 posted to anywhere in Australia (includes postage and handling)
$30.00 international purchases (includes postage and handling)

On June 19, 2013, on a crisp, sunny winter’s morning, His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet visited Braybrook in the inner west of Melbourne to teach at Chua Quang Minh Temple, a Vietnamese Temple that His Holiness visited in 2011.
His Holiness accepted the invitation of Venerable Geshe Sonam Thargye, spiritual director of Drol Kar Buddhist Centre, to teach on the Heart Sutra and Eight Verses of Mind Training in Melbourne, and in doing so, also honoured a commitment made to the abbot of Chua Quang Minh, Venerable Phuoc Tan, and the Vietnamese community, to return to the Temple and teach. This acceptance set in motion an extraordinary collaboration between two great Buddhist traditions, Tibetan and Vietnamese, to bring these wonderful teachings to the people of Melbourne.
During the small, intimate gathering, His Holiness delivered a message of love and compassion, of harmony and understanding between religious faiths, and some of the most simple, yet profound, tenets of Buddhist philosophy.